TMD Hosting Review: Should You Consider This Hosting Upstart?

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About TMD SSD VPS WEB Hosting-Simply The Best!

Whether you’re looking for a shared, virtual, or dedicated server, you want a provider that is going to anticipate your hosting needs and act on them. You want a host that emphasizes speed, security, and support as if they’re all equally paramount. TMD Hosting aims to go above and beyond for their customers, and it shows in the types of solutions they provide.

As a testament to this dedication, TMDHosting completely revamped its infrastructure in 2017, starting with its VPS packages, making them completely KVM-based and upgrading their resources. In addition, the infrastructure expansion allowed TMDHosting to offer a robust cloud hosting plan and upgrade its dedicated server packages to deliver more power at lower price points. TMD Hosting also introduced full redundancy to its core infrastructure services including compute, networking, and storage, which has positively impacted all of the company’s hosting packages.

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TMD Hosting offers popular software, powerful hardware, and a reliable team to guide you through any phase of web hosting life. Whether you want a WordPress site launched and live in a matter of clicks, or a high-powered cloud-based or dedicated server to help you receive tens of thousands of monthly site visitors, TMD Hosting can help make it happen.

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User-Friendly Options for Newbies:

TMDHosting recognizes that web hosting knowledge isn’t universally understood. They offer fully-managed services that make shared hosting very easy, even for a first-timer. For example, with their WordPress hosting services, you can select a theme for your site design and the TMDHosting team will get you set up so that you can log in and begin creating content.

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Free Essentials, Like Domains, Emails, & Databases:

Even TMDHosting’s most basic shared hosting package includes all the essential web hosting features: unlimited emails, storage, and databases, and a free domain name for life. All emails are protected by SpamExperts filtering, POP3, and IMAP. You can also check out site statistics and choose from dozens of free apps to install using Softaculous 1-click auto-installer. Manage it all with the latest version of cPanel, which is included.

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Get an Online Store Live in Minutes:

Just a click away from the TMDHosting homepage, you’ll find tons of free templates and layouts for popular blogging and eCommerce platforms. Mom-and-pop shop owners can select a professional-looking site design template from Magento or PrestaShop, connect a shopping cart via cPanel, and believe in minutes.

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SSD Speed & Server Security:

The TMDHosting network is redundantly built with datacenters based out of seven global locations — Chicago and Phoenix in the US, Amsterdam, and London in Europe, Singapore, and Tokyo in Asia, and Sydney in Australia. Their server images are pre-built with the latest technologies, including Apache, CentOS, and Memcached, with SSD storage, included, for free, for added speed and security.

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The Confidence of Having the “Most Dedicated Support”

TMDHosting’s “Most Dedicated Support” team is available around the clock to help with any and all troubleshooting matters. They also handle all necessary migrations and updates as part of their managed service offerings.

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24/7/365 Eyes on Glass with Human Monitoring:

Not only does TMDHosting have experts on call to support users, but they’ve got reliable and experienced technicians keeping an eye on your server status constantly as well. Having actual humans ensuring your site is live, speedy, and secure is just an example of that extra mile that the TMDHosting team prides itself on going for their customers.

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Daily & Weekly Backups with Free Data Restores:

As the technical support gurus over at TMDHosting monitor your servers, they conduct daily and weekly backups of your site. They store as many as seven restore points, ready to help you roll back to a previous version, should you accidentally delete a file (or the worst happens). Data backups and restores are a TMDHosting perk — included free!

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The Final Word on TMDHosting:

Basically, when choosing a web host, you want to look at what the contending host is prioritizing in their packages the technology, the support, and the little extras that make them stand out. TMDHosting boasts exceptional speed, complete protection, and total reliability. With 24/7 human server monitoring, free daily backups, and a there-for-you technical team, TMDHosting has plenty of pull factors that should have you considering them if you’re looking for a stellar host.

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Starting from: $2.95/Month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

One price – $15 for a user per month. No Additional Taxes or Surcharges. No Credit Card Required. Cancel Anytime.

These days, the market for dedicated server resources is competitive — the site owner’s data is precious and uptime is imperative. TMDHosting recognizes this by emphasizing data loss prevention as well as round-the-clock server monitoring.

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US-, Euro-, Asia- & Australia-based Datacenters:

With data centers located in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, TMDHosting offers single- and dual-core processor server options with rapid provisioning, data replication, and leading performance-boosting technologies.

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Rapid Provisioning & The Latest Technologies:

TMDHosting servers are built with operating system images that are designed to allow you to provision and deploy servers quickly. Preconfigured with the latest technologies, including RAID-10, CentOS, Memcached, Apache, PHP, and MySQL, the server setups are flexible and should cater to just about any performance need.

TMDHosting’s Intel-powered server infrastructures are updated quarterly, while they frequently work with Intel to test out potential new products; if you have a hardware or software need that you don’t see offered, just make a request to TMDHosting’s technical support team and they will gladly work with you.

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Root Access & WHM Control:

For the more web-savvy user, you’ll be pleased to know that TMDHosting offers full root access, as well as WHM control, to dedicated server customers. You can log into your server remotely with SSH access and manipulate your hardware or software configuration via the command line.

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24/7/365 Monitoring & Backup Support:

TMDHosting offers expert technical support around the clock. Not only is their “Most Dedicated Support” team on call 24/7, but they have actual humans keeping an eye on your server(s) as well. The live human monitoring factor is telling of the kind of uptime you should expect as a result.

Like their virtual servers, their dedicated server offerings include the option for seamless upgrades or downgrades based on shifting needs. You can expect no losses in data or connectivity and this scaling can be done at any time.

For the cherry on top in a peace of mind, TMDHosting takes daily and weekly snapshots of your data and keeps up to seven versions backed up at all times. Their technical support team will gladly help you roll back to a previous backup at no additional cost.

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TMDHosting’s Dedicated Server Options in Review:

If you’re searching for a dedicated hosting provider, ideally you want a server that’s tuned with the top performance enhancements, a technical support team you can count on, and an all-around scalable, secure environment. TMDHosting has addressed all of these expectations and delivers with their dedicated server options.

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E-Commerce and Security:

TMDHosting’s web hosting plans are compatible with many e-commerce tools, including Magento (a shopping cart service) and Vertical Response (an email marketing service). You can also add ID Protect ($9.99 per year) for domain privacy, SiteLock ($19.95 per year) for Secure Socket Layer protection, and a handful of other features for strengthening the security of your domain.

Magento has more flexibility in terms of colors and design options than your generic shopping cart service, but with that flexibility comes an extra layer of complexity that will demand more of your time.

. Download docs here

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The Free Essentials of Hosting, Plus Easy WP Install:

Like many shared hosts, TMDHosting gets you started with unlimited necessities (e.g., emails, storage, and site traffic). They’ll help you launch your WordPress site in a matter of minutes. Pick your domain name (free), select a theme for your site design template (another free perk), and their team will take it from there.

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They Handle Install & Updates, You Handle cPanel & Content:

Just a mere click away from TMDHosting’s home page, you’ll find tons of free WordPress templates to choose from. The TMDHosting team will handle the installation, including any necessary updates along the way, so you can focus on content. All plans include cPanel, one of our favorite panels for managing a website. Within cPanel, you’ll find the Softaculous auto-installer, which houses over 200 other free applications that you can incorporate to enhance your site building endeavors.

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The Safety Net of Daily Backups & 24/7 Monitoring:

While you’re investing so much into your WordPress site, TMDHosting works tirelessly to protect it. They include spam protection, an in-house firewall, and server monitoring. Their technical team conducts daily and weekly backups of your site data keep seven versions on file, and will happily reset your site to a previous version at no additional cost if you run into an issue or accidentally delete a file. All the while, they have eyes on their network making sure servers are running smoothly and efficiently.

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Final Word on WordPress Hosting with TMDHosting:

TMDHosting makes their plans really attractive to potential WordPress hosting users. Anything you might need (site themes or eCommerce templates, as examples) can be found quickly. Anything you might be nervous about doing yourself (WordPress installations or core updates, maybe) they take care of for you. Basically, TMDHosting is doing everything they can to make starting a WordPress site simple for users, and to make customers feel secure in choosing their services.

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Pros and Cons

  • Servers ranging from fully-managed shared to dedicated with root access
  • Includes cPanel where 200+ apps and scripts can be installed with one click
  • Easy installs for top eCommerce or blog apps like Magento or WordPress
  • Rest easy with 24/7 dedicated support, server monitoring, and firewall safety
  • The added speed with SSDs available
  • Excellent customer service, including extended money back guarantees,
  • active staff presence on question-and-answer forums, and assistance with things like backups and migrations
  • Low prices for plans that offer features many other web hosts consider to be add-ons
  • Availability of cloud hosting at a low price point

  • Inexpensive, but not the cheapest options around
  • Shared hosting customers are not allowed to select the data center that hosts their website
  • Published discounts are valid for a short period of time (typically the first term only — TMDHosting processes renewals at the regular rate)

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TMDHosting is not as well-known as companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost, but the company seems to have built a solid customer base and is getting attention from those who know (the company was one of the hosts included in PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice list in 2018).

In addition to offering a wide variety of managed hosting packages that include bonuses other companies consider to be add-ons, TMDHosting offers customer service that is surpassed by few.

TMDHosting, which is based in Orlando, FL, has been operational since 2007. The company has its roots in open source hosting, and over time, it has expanded its support for a wide variety of platforms and technologies (open source or no). If you have a niche platform for which you need hosting, TMDHosting might be the provider for you.

  • Lean CRM application designed for sales teams.
  • Helps salespeople follow up with leads in a timely manner.
  • Forecasting tools provide managers with a birds-eye view of group performance.
  • Mobile applications allow users to search through contacts and deals 24/7.
  • Sales pipelines keep prospects and contacts organized.

One of the first points that stands out when you look into TMDHosting’s shared server options is that they’re super affordable. For just $2.95 you get essentially unlimited everything — storage, bandwidth, databases, and emails — except domains. You do get one domain free for one year, and if you need more, you can always upgrade to the Business plan, which costs a mere three bucks more per month.

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Shared Web Hosting with Fully-Managed Servers:

The true beauty of TMDHosting for hosting newcomers is that their shared web hosting plans offer fully-managed support. This means that their technical gurus will oversee your hardware and maintain your infrastructure with any needed adjustments, and you just worry about your content.

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Easy Startup with Dedicated Support & cPanel Control:

With TMDHosting, you can be up and on your way in no time — just let their technical support experts handle all the setup. Their shared hosting services include cPanel, one of our favorite web panels for controlling your site. From there you can easily take advantage of database storage, shopping carts, and marketing tools.

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Create Professional-Looking Sites or Online Shops:

Whether you need a website for personal or professional use, TMDHosting can help you get one launched quickly and cost-effectively. Bloggers, writers, and professionals can easily install popular CMSs or blogging platforms like WordPress; TMDHosting offers several free and professional-looking templates and themes to help get you started. For mom-and-pop shops and aspiring online retailers, you can launch an online store with PrestaShop or Magento in as little as a few clicks.

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Last Word on TMDHosting’s Shared Web Hosting Deals:

You really can’t beat TMDHosting’s prices for a shared host. For a few bucks and probably just as few clicks, you can have a sleek and clean site launched and live in minutes. They keep the pricing simple, offering virtually unlimited everything, from storage to emails. Their team of technical experts will safeguard your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you just worry about your blog content or online business revenue.

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FAQ About TMD Hosting!

TMDHosting also offers niche hosting options, such as those for specific e-commerce platforms (eg, Magento, PrestaShop), online communities (eg, SocialEngine, Dolphin), and educational platforms (eg, Moodle). These are very similar to the shared hosting plans, but you get the platform of your choice installed.

What are the main features of TMD?

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Windows VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Drupal Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

What type of pricing plans does App offer?

Starting from: $2.95/month Pricing model: Subscription Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

What languages does App support?

English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Does App offer an API?

Yes, Pipedrive has an API available for use.
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TMD Hosting is a Hidden Game:

TMD Hosting is a Hidden Game!
So if you are on a budget, its plans are a great way to get a lot of features and functionality. (Honestly, the company is a great option even if you are not on a budget). In short, you’ll find: Fully managed hosting options (even at the shared hosting level) A good cancellation/refunds policy — company offers a sixty-day money back guarantee Plans at all level come with lots of bonus features (for example, the shared hosting plans come with free SSL certificates, SSD storage, and NGINX web servers)

Site building is always easier when you have a great, preferably free, template to help you get started. This is an area that stood out to us when we first looked into TMDHosting’s shared web hosting offerings.

Website Building with Tons of Templates & Themes
Right away you’ll find tons of free themes and templates for WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, and Dolphin. All of these can be installed and updated by their technical team, free of charge. And the Weebly site builder is offered as an option on all hosting plans.

Protecting Your Site with Daily Backups
As you’re creating, TMDHosting will protect your precious site information and documents by taking screenshots, preserving revisions of your site structure. They’ll keep up to seven backup editions on hand. Any time you need to revert back to a previous version, their support team can handle that for free as well.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring with Dedicated Support
The comforting thing about managed hosting is that you know there’s someone, usually someone much more web-savvy than you, keeping an eye on your site. TMDHosting monitors the servers hosting your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that you experience the fastest page loads, best connectivity, and top security they can offer. Plus, support technicians are knowledgeable and responsive, readily available to help you with any questions or concerns you run into.

Site Building with TMDHosting In Conclusion
If you’re looking for a site builder and hosting combo, you probably want maximum customization with minimal stress. With fully-managed services and packages catering to popular blogging and eCommerce platforms, TMDHosting offers all the essentials of facilitating a user-friendly and professional site building experience. They give you a free domain name registration, as well as unlimited emails, databases, and storage space; then, they’ll handle all necessary installations to get your site going. That’s site-building simplicity at its finest.

Responsive Design
Multiple Page Styles
Advanced Social Sharing Features
All in One Bundles
A Good Feature Set
Without Stuff You Don’t Need?
Solid Performance
Client-Facing Functionality
Service and Support
Ongoing Updates and Fixes
Guaranteed Compatibility
Security and Privacy
A Clear Message
Visual Cues
Simple Navigation
High-End Looks and Functionality
Small Business, Big-Time Website
Custom Gallery Styles
Large Image Backgrounds
Beautiful Captioning Options
Technology Supported
Affiliate Marketing
Mobile Speed
Clean Design
Pricing model
Monthly payment
One-time payment
Annual subscription
Deployment Type: ~
Customer Type
Blog & Magazine Themes
BuddyPress Themes
Corporate Themes
Beautiful & Creative Themes
Directory Themes
eCommerce Themes
Education Themes
Fun Themes
Layers WP WebSite Templates
Mobile Friendly Themes
Non Profit Themes
Real Estate Themes
Online Store Themes
Technology Themes
Wedding Themes
Random Themes
WordPress plugins for your website
10 Total Score
TMD Hosting

TMDHosting integrat excellent technology and best features in their servers and plans which includes SSD storage, premium caching technology and many more.

Reliability & Support
Ease of Use
SEO Score
Refund Policy
Uptime Guarantee
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